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    The earlier I teach my kids proper manners, the better. I try my best.to call their attention each time they have lapses with their manners. For me, it’s best to remind them all the time so that they can gradually develop the habit of doing it. Although there are times when I feel like a broken record but I know that I have to do it. When it comes to basic manners, vigilance is the key. Having said that, I make sure I’m always around to remind them.

    Magical Words: Thank You

    I always remind my kids the importance of saying thank you. Those two words are a like music to anyone’s ear. There’s just no excuse for them not to say these two magical words that reflect a lot about their upbringing. I believe that if they make it a habit to say “Thank you” all the time, they will develop an attitude that’s focused more on gratitude. Such is the reason why I always remind the to say these two magical words.

    Getting Kids To Say Thank You

    I learned that I needed to explain to my kids the definition of Thank You. For me, the video captures the right definition of Thank You.

    “Thank you does not mean, ‘I love what you just gave me, I love what you just did for me.’ Thank you actually means, ‘I noticed what you just did for me.’ ”

    The video goes on to describe how the kids can understand the true meaning of saying, “Thank You.”

    “If you don’t say Thank You, then Aunt Margaret feels like you didn’t notice her. How does it feel like when someone doesn’t notice you?”

    I really thought that was the best way to explain why it’s important to always say Thank You. They don’t need to like the gift but they should appreciate the thought that they were given a gift. The earlier they realize this, the better. It’s clearly an attitude of gratitude.

    So each time they receive a gift that they aren’t too crazy about, they can use a thoughtful line that goes:

    “Thanks for thinking of me.”

    I really believe no kid is ever too young to learn this valuable lesson of saying Thank You.

    Modelling The Behavior

    Teaching my kids how to always say Thank You is not that easy. There are times when they get too moody and they just don’t want to say it. Well, they are kids after all. But for me, that’s not a good reason.

    To instill in my kids the habit of saying Thank You all time, I make sure they hear it from me as well. I say Thank You all the time as well. I even tell them to remind me if ever I forget. I model what I remind them to do. According to the video, it’s the best thing to do.

    “Best thing that we can do is you have to model it for our children. If we don’t model it for them….pleases, thank you, kind behavior … it’s window dressing. They’ll never do it.”

    As parents, that’s something to think about.

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  • Babysitter, Child Care Comments Off on The Perks Of A Stay-Home Mom

    Three years ago, I was faced with a challenging decision. I had to decide whether I should go back to work or stay home with my new baby. It was one of the hardest decisions I had to make.

    Months before I gave birth, I thought I had it all figured out. I was planning to go back to work after giving birth. But when I saw my baby, I just couldn’t get myself to go back to the the office. So I decided to stay home. Since then, I have never looked back.

    Making That Serious Decision

    Of course, one of the things I had to seriously consider was the economic aspect of leaving my job. With a new baby, it was a very hard decision. My husband and I sat down and talked it over. At the end, we decided to just downscale our lifestyle. It was more important to have one of us stay home with our new baby.

    That was about four years ago. Now as I speak, I am very happy to say that we didn’t even feel any difference in our lifestyle; considering we had downscaled. The joy of having our little angel is just too overwhelming. I am truly enjoying every single second I spend with her.

    First To See Every Little Thing

    As a stay-home mom, I get to see every little thing she does. Her first words, her first steps, her cute laughter, her crankiness, and her playfulness are all recorded in my camera and in my mind. I like that I am always the first one to witness those milestones.

    Stay Home Moms Still Need Help

    But interestingly, even as a stay-home mom, I have realized that I can’t always be there for my daughter all the time. In spite of how hard I try, there are times when I still need someone to help me out.

    For example, there are times when I need to run some errands and I can’t take my daughter along. There are also times when I need some help around the house. Taking care of my daughter and keeping the whole house clean can really tire me out. So those are the times when I really need to call on someone for help.

    Finding A Great And Affordable Resource

    It’s a good thing though that I had enough time to search for child care providers. I had come across several child care providers, some online and offline. Most of them were really expensive until I saw Sittercity. Coming from a single-income household, I thought I couldn’t afford Sittercity. Based on what I have also seen, the Sittercity reviews and feedback has been very positive from among those who have used or are using the service, which really sparked my interest.

    It’s Just Great To Be A Stay-Home Mom

    Staying home to be with my daughter was one of the hardest decision my husband and I had ever made. But now that I am experiencing all the perks of being a stay-home mom, I would have to say that it was the best decision I had ever made in my life.

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    children-playing-sportsPlaying sports is an integral part of child development. Encouraging a child to learn a sport of his choice develops self-esteem and creates the awareness for a healthy living.

    By getting into sports, a child learns the importance of teamwork. This is a trait applicable not only in sports but in life. As the child grows older, the concept of teamwork will serve a strong foundation in his corporate and personal relationship. The concept of teamwork also gives the child a sense of belonging. At an early age, the child will have a better understanding of all the responsibilities needed to make a team work. Eventually, the child comes out to be more focused on the actions needed to make a team work. This is very different from a child focusing on himself alone.

    Participating in sports also develops the child’s perspective on winning and losing. The child will have a better understanding that hard work and perseverance is rewarded. On the other hand, losing is part of the game. A vital lesson that is applicable in real life. The most important thing is that the child comes out stronger, a winner or not.

    Children also learn how to respect authority as they get into a sport. They take it from the coach who guides them in the game. This develops into a trait where they look for support and guidance as they move into their teen years. Discipline is a strong trait that is also in sports. No doubt, the regimen of practice instills discipline.

    Appreciation for the environment is also developed particularly by children who get into biking, hiking, skiing, and waters sports. These outdoor activities give them a better perspective on the importance of keeping the environment green and clean.

    The physical rewards of children engaging in sports are also beneficial. Staying fit in order to play well is important. With this in mind, the children will have a better understanding why eating healthy, sleeping well, and staying away from unhealthy habits should become a lifestyle choice.

    Bottom line, there are more than a handful of reasons why children are encouraged to play sports. These reasons are beneficial in molding the children into well-rounded individuals.

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