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    Three years ago, I was faced with a challenging decision. I had to decide whether I should go back to work or stay home with my new baby. It was one of the hardest decisions I had to make.

    Months before I gave birth, I thought I had it all figured out. I was planning to go back to work after giving birth. But when I saw my baby, I just couldn’t get myself to go back to the the office. So I decided to stay home. Since then, I have never looked back.

    Making That Serious Decision

    Of course, one of the things I had to seriously consider was the economic aspect of leaving my job. With a new baby, it was a very hard decision. My husband and I sat down and talked it over. At the end, we decided to just downscale our lifestyle. It was more important to have one of us stay home with our new baby.

    That was about four years ago. Now as I speak, I am very happy to say that we didn’t even feel any difference in our lifestyle; considering we had downscaled. The joy of having our little angel is just too overwhelming. I am truly enjoying every single second I spend with her.

    First To See Every Little Thing

    As a stay-home mom, I get to see every little thing she does. Her first words, her first steps, her cute laughter, her crankiness, and her playfulness are all recorded in my camera and in my mind. I like that I am always the first one to witness those milestones.

    The video above that was brought to my attention by iPARENTINGLIFE pretty much also confirms that I made the right decision.

    Stay Home Moms Still Need Help

    But interestingly, even as a stay-home mom, I have realized that I can’t always be there for my daughter all the time. In spite of how hard I try, there are times when I still need someone to help me out.

    For example, there are times when I need to run some errands and I can’t take my daughter along. There are also times when I need some help around the house. Taking care of my daughter and keeping the whole house clean can really tire me out. So those are the times when I really need to call on someone for help.

    Finding A Great And Affordable Resource

    It’s a good thing though that I had enough time to search for child care providers. I had come across several child care providers, some online and offline. Most of them were really expensive until I saw Sittercity. Coming from a single-income household, I thought I couldn’t afford Sittercity. Based on what I have also seen, the Sittercity reviews and feedback has been very positive from among those who have used or are using the service, which really sparked my interest. Furthermore, the site provides a Sittercity latest promo code offer, which made the online sitter service all the more affordable.

    It’s Just Great To Be A Stay-Home Mom

    Staying home to be with my daughter was one of the hardest decision my husband and I had ever made. But now that I am experiencing all the perks of being a stay-home mom, I would have to say that it was the best decision I had ever made in my life.

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  • Child Care Comments Off on The Challenges Of Potty Training

    Potty training is every parent’s challenge. With the convenience of disposable diapers, potty training is sometimes overlooked or, even worse, procrastinated. Nonetheless, there is that pressure to potty train and most parents are usually anxious and confused about the whole process.

    When Is The Best Time To Potty Train?

    Most parents are usually in a quandary as to when to potty train their little one. Then they get too anxious when they start to compare their child with other children that have been potty trained already.

    Dr. Loretta Cordova de Ortega, a Pediatrician at the Unm Medical Center Pediatric Clinic, has this to say.

    “Well, certainly there is no specific time. The average age most children potty train is between 18 months and 24 months. But certainly, if the children is interested prior to that, you can always have them go sit on the toilet …”

    That’s good news for most parents because it becomes quite stressful when a child is compared to another child that has been easily potty trained. It is also important to consider the readiness of the child. According to an online parenting resource called webmd.com, the emotional and physical readiness of the child should be considered at the onset of the potty training. If the child has any resistance, then it’s not time yet.

    Creating A Good Environment For Potty Training

    While potty training can be very challenging, it is a must to create a positive atmosphere for it. Dr. Loretta Cordova de Ortega agrees that consistency and a positive atmosphere are important aspects of potty training.

    “That’s really the most important thing. It needs to be a positive experience. Typically, if you think about children between 16 and 24 months, is that toddler age where everything is ‘no’. So they hear a lot of negative. What you want is a potty training experience to be very positive, something they can be very proud of.”

    Aside from creating a positive atmosphere for the child, it is also a must to come up with a good plan as to how to roll out the potty training.

    By the time the child is ready for potty training, a regular elimination routine has already been established. A good potty training plan should revolve around the regular elimination routine of the child.

    Based on the regular elimination of the child, parents should also be consistent in having their child sit on the toilet. A consistent potty training means that the child should always eliminate on the toilet seat. There should be no excuses for that. It’s important that parents really take time to do this. But in doing so, the parent should not feel obligated or stressed out that the child begins to feel that it’s a burden. Again, it is important to establish that positive atmosphere for the child.

    Rewarding The Child

    Some parents usually resort to a certain reward or incentive system to get the child to consistently go to the bathroom. While there’s nothing wrong with that, the best reward is for the child to know that he or she has accomplished something.

    “It depends on your child, if your child does respond to sorts of incentives, you can do that. But typically the most effective award or reward is that positive experience where the child has a sense of accomplishment.”

    It’s important for this particular age group to know that they have accomplished something because that itself is their reward.

    So while potty training can really be very challenging, it’s good to know that parents can look at it at a more positive and doable manner.

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