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    The earlier I teach my kids proper manners, the better. I try my best.to call their attention each time they have lapses with their manners. For me, it’s best to remind them all the time so that they can gradually develop the habit of doing it. Although there are times when I feel like a broken record but I know that I have to do it. When it comes to basic manners, vigilance is the key. Having said that, I make sure I’m always around to remind them.

    Magical Words: Thank You

    I always remind my kids the importance of saying thank you. Those two words are a like music to anyone’s ear. There’s just no excuse for them not to say these two magical words that reflect a lot about their upbringing. I believe that if they make it a habit to say “Thank you” all the time, they will develop an attitude that’s focused more on gratitude. Such is the reason why I always remind the to say these two magical words.

    Getting Kids To Say Thank You

    I learned that I needed to explain to my kids the definition of Thank You. For me, the video captures the right definition of Thank You.

    “Thank you does not mean, ‘I love what you just gave me, I love what you just did for me.’ Thank you actually means, ‘I noticed what you just did for me.’ ”

    The video goes on to describe how the kids can understand the true meaning of saying, “Thank You.”

    “If you don’t say Thank You, then Aunt Margaret feels like you didn’t notice her. How does it feel like when someone doesn’t notice you?”

    I really thought that was the best way to explain why it’s important to always say Thank You. They don’t need to like the gift but they should appreciate the thought that they were given a gift. The earlier they realize this, the better. It’s clearly an attitude of gratitude.

    So each time they receive a gift that they aren’t too crazy about, they can use a thoughtful line that goes:

    “Thanks for thinking of me.”

    I really believe no kid is ever too young to learn this valuable lesson of saying Thank You.

    Modelling The Behavior

    Teaching my kids how to always say Thank You is not that easy. There are times when they get too moody and they just don’t want to say it. Well, they are kids after all. But for me, that’s not a good reason.

    To instill in my kids the habit of saying Thank You all time, I make sure they hear it from me as well. I say Thank You all the time as well. I even tell them to remind me if ever I forget. I model what I remind them to do. According to the video, it’s the best thing to do.

    “Best thing that we can do is you have to model it for our children. If we don’t model it for them….pleases, thank you, kind behavior … it’s window dressing. They’ll never do it.”

    As parents, that’s something to think about.

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