• Let’s Be Tactful

    I had always wanted to try my hand on blogging. But I was in a quandary as to what to blog about. I knew I wanted to blog about my life as a mommy but I wanted a more precise topic. After all, there are already a lot of mommy blogs online. I wanted mine to have a twist. Such is why I thought of tact-online.com.

    I wanted to blog mostly about manners. With technology providing us shortcuts, we often forget manners. I surely don’t want my kids to be clueless about their manners. Through my blog, I will share with you the challenges and importance of teaching manners. I really believe that no matter who you are, if you don’t have any manners, you haven’t gone anywhere at all.

    Considering my website is all about tact, I want you to go over my terms and conditions. Just so you know how to show good manners on my website, you have to comply with my terms and conditions.

    All About Tact

    You can use my website to share your own thoughts and ideas. As what my website is all about, you agree to be tactful. This is not a venue for you to show or share any messages of hate. Take note that my website is focused mostly on manners. Saying any kind of profanity or destroying someone’s credibility is really bad manners. I have no idea where that kind of action is accepted but it’s definitely not accepted here.

    Not For Commercial Use

    My articles are all based on the combination of experience and research. They’re all sprinkled with some creative ideas that pop into my mind from time to time. My point is that they are all mine. Some parts of my articles may have been quoted or curated but I never fail to acknowledge the original writer. That’s good manners.

    I don’t intend my articles to be used commercially. They are all for personal use only. But then if you want to use some parts of, show some good manners by quoting me or my website.

    I will be adding some more content to my terms and conditions. But for now, this is what I have. Do find some time to check out the updates.

    So come and join me here on tact-online.com. Together, we can help our kids grow up with manners.

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